Tuesday, November 16, 2010

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He's a 73-year-old hard-working man with an office cleaning company living in Raymore, MO.
He's been married 56 years to his loving wife, Irene.
However, in an instant his peaceful life was turned upside down.
On July 1 the police knocked on Glenn Stevens' door and announced they had a warrant for his arrest for a string of robberies at Walmarts in three states and things have not been the same since.
That was the alarming scenario outlined by KCTV5 investigative reporter Dana Wright, who told of the plight of Stevens in an alarming sweeps piece (11/11). Although Stevens had proof he was nowhere near at least one Walmart robbery in question, he has now been charged in three cases.
"How can this be happening in this country?" a visibly upset Stevens asked Wright. "I can tell you it's happening to me, and I’m living the nightmare every day."
Footage taken by Stevens' lawyer of him scared and crying in jail was extremely moving.
So far, the Stevens family has been forced to mortgage one family home and spend $70,000 trying to clear his name. Irene has been hospitalized for two days because of the stress.
Anyone who can identify the person identified in photos on the KCTV site as committing the robberies should notify police immediately.
Maybe then Glenn and Irene Stevens' life can go back to normal.

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