Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Probable Cause Statement Form

 Probable Cause this link will open a pdf file

Notice the incorrect spelling of Mr. Stevens' name.   Notice the NAMES OF those Wal-Mart Employees who have falsely identified Mr. Stevens Notice the first line that says "knowing that false statements on this form are punishable by law, state that the facts contained herein are true"

You can bet your bottom dollar that the information on said report are FALSE!


  1. Hello Mr. Stevens-

    Your dad reminds me A LOT of my dad.

    Your dad's injustice reminds me of injustices I read and post about quite often on my blog- Capt. Spaulding's World (Groucho and I share the same birthday and weird sense of humor) http://groucho-karl-marx.blogspot.com/

    My blog is at your Dad and familys' disposal as long as this injustice continues- and UNTIL MegaCorporation Walmart both a) issues a PUBLIC apology to your dad AND your family and b) until same are well-compensated by Walmart and the other klutzes involved in this very strange mis-carriage of justice.

    We and our many friends on Facebook REFUSE TO SHOP AT WALMART- SAM'S CLUB- et al- until the day this is made right again!

    Most sincerely-

    Jim "Groucho" Meyer
    Kansas City MO

  2. Thank you Groucho. Glenn is my Uncle and I speak for everyone when I say Thank you for continuing to post about this issue. And Thank you to you and everyone else who continues to Boycott WM.


  3. Mr. and Mrs. Stevens did an outstanding job on KMBZ tonight. The South Kansas City Observer blog is in full support of the Stevens!

  4. I will go check that blog as well. Mom and Dad did nothing wrong and it has put thier life in a nightmare, Shame on you Wal-China-Mart

  5. I have been following this because my Grandma knows Glenn and Irene. I think you should black out the SS number and date of birth before someone else gets that information! Just my thoughts! We are keeping all you in our thoughts and prayers.