Tuesday, November 30, 2010

DAY 148-Probable Cause Statement

I wanted everyone to see the probable cause statement produced by the Versailles police department.  Specifically by officer Gregory Berry.  Now as we analyze this statement lets keep in mind that this particular officer believes people are guilty until they can prove themselves innocent.  Watch the video these are his words not mine.  First let me state the Versailles police department nor the Morgan county prosecutors office have officially provided this probable cause statement.  150 + days after being arrested we the accused still do not have anything official telling us what was stolen or what their “evidence is”.  The first problem is PO Berry has misspelled Glenn. 

  1. A search of DMV records, (the same ones PO Berry used to get Mr Stevens’ License photo) would reveal Mr. and Mrs Stevens have never owned a 1995-1999 Ford Taraus let alone a white one.
  2. If Mr. Stevens was a suspect in an attempted stealing case in Joplin, and if as PO Berry states they had a valid license plate number, why did nothing come of that case?  
  3. How many of us have gone into a Wal-mart and identified ourselves to employees, as PO Berry alleges Mr. Stevens did? 
  4. Then using the latest in investigative techniques, PO Berry takes one photo (drivers license) an unspecified number of days later to show it to the Wal-mart employee.  The employee promptly identifies Mr Stevens as the thief.  We know neither Mr. Goodling or PO Berry could have compared the photo and the video because as most people can see (see tv5 investigation) these two men do not look alike.

Now lets really look at the probable cause.  If you don’t own a car someone has on video that someone else months earlier (unknown when) says your license plate was on a different vehicle (alleged a red Mercury van) and a employee may have seen someone (old or white or male or any combination of the thousands of people they see in a day) then you too could get arrested in Versailles Missouri.  Apparently the prosecutor will sign anything without questioning it. 

We will not be able to find out what the prosecutor was thinking because this brave man, the one who has an innocent man arrested in the middle of the night over a long weekend, refuses to speak with our lawyers, refuses to speak with media, won’t allow us to seek information (subpoena cell tower info, casino video).  The defender of citizens who continues to move the case down the calendar instead of charging.  This man who has sworn to uphold the constitution of the united states is retiring and is just apparently too busy to be bothered with something as unimportant as justice.

Last point for those of you who still believe talking to the police will “clear up” whatever the question is.  As evidenced by this case the police do not even have to talk to you at all to have you arrested, incarcerated over a long weekend, and tap your bank for thousands of dollars.  Right, justice, and fairness does not count in statistics for promotion.  Number of arrests is the key.  Never cooperate with the police, cooperation makes it easier for them to meet their goal----arrests.  But then again they can arrest you if you have never talked to them or been in their town.   HHHMMMMMM

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  1. I think it is improtant to point out that Marvin Opie is still collecting a paycheck at the expense of the taxpayers. If he doesn't want to do his job anymore, her shouldn't take the money.