Monday, December 13, 2010

He's FREE!!!!!!!!!

Thank you for all of your support and prayers!! More will follow but for now ....

Criminal charges were dropped Monday against a Raymore man who was the subject of an investigation into thefts at several rural Walmarts.
Glenn Stevens, 74, took a lie detector test in Versailles, Mo., on Monday and then the newly elected Morgan County prosecutor informed him that the charges against him had been dropped. Stevens had been accused of stealing $1,500 worth of computer equipment from a Walmart store in Versailles."It's hard to describe how I feel," an emotional Stevens told KCTV5's Dana Wright. "It really is. It's relief knowing we don't have to continue waiting. We don't have to ...."Surrounded by his wife and family, Stevens broke down crying after learning his five-month long journey through the legal system was coming to a close.From the moment of his arrest last July in a string of Walmart thefts, Stevens and his wife of 54 years, Irene, swore that he had never set foot in the Walmart store in Versailles.At 6 a.m. Monday, the Stevens family headed to Versailles for a meeting with the prosecutor. The prosecutor agreed that Stevens was not the person that was captured on surveillance video."Clearly the build is different," said Prosecutor Dustin Dunklee. "Clearly it is a taller person because of the way the cart hits him. They had a lot of video. When he grabs things off the shelf he uses his left hand. Longer hair. Whiter underneath. Glasses. Glenn has perfect vision. There were just a lot of things that made it clear it was not Glenn."Stevens remains charged in two other thefts at rural Walmarts. His attorneys continue to work to get those charges dropped. Those charges are based on the case in Versailles and the attorneys believe those charges will also be dropped now that the Versailles charges have been dropped.The Stevens family said they will never go to Versailles or set foot in a Walmart store.


  1. Tom this is good news. I hope you and your family can enjoy a somewhat normal holiday season after this whole ordeal. I hope the hammer comes down on all the collusive "wastes of skin" that allowed this to happen.

  2. I saw this story on the news this evening, and I've written about your family on my blog at, as well as sharing it with peers and fans on my Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites. I can only reach a few, but I hope to help in the biggest way I know how.

    Much hope for your family.

  3. I am so pleased and happy! I could not watch this report without tearing up. And according to James Hart, Allen County Kansas has also dropped charges. Just one more to go if this is so!

  4. it is gud that they are accused from one case now and i hope he is also free from others also


    It's been posted on Abuse of Power's facebook page (copy and paste link above)