Saturday, December 4, 2010

KMBZ radio Interview

Also listen in on Monday 12/06/2010 @ 6pm to KMBZ Live radio for a 2 hour broadcast!!

CLICK HERE to listen to the broadcast. This is a recorded copy of the original - we are working on getting the actual podcast.

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  1. I'm really REALLY surprised that no attorneys have come forward willing to take this case 'pro-bono.'

    I mean- look- the favorable FREE publicity a lawyer and his firm would get- plus- when this case gets THROWN OUT in Morgan County/Versailles MO and then the lawsuit against Wal-Mart AND Morgan County would be QUITE lucrative for legal-beagles working in the Glenn family's behalf.

    One things I have noticed is the Facebook link about this mis-carriage of justice has really taken-off nationwide- judging by the links to the posts I've hoisted.

    As every day- the Glenn family is in our prayers as well as in my posts.... ;)